Sunday, October 14, 2012


I recently came across this link: 

It provides really great advice on how to move on after a breakup and I'm ashamed to say I think i sort of did 1 and 2.... Oops. But I'm also glad that I did 4 and 5 (which I have to thank yiwen for!). To quote some of it...

4. Delete, delete, delete. A great way to torture yourself after you’ve been dumped is to go back and reread all his old texts and emails and listen to his voicemails. Avoid this temptation by deleting them sooner rather than later. Sure, they feel like a security blanket—if you’re not dating anyone else yet, his messages remind you of a time when someone loved you. You might be afraid that if you delete them, you’ll have nothing left and will just be in this relationship-less void, thinking, What if no one ever writes me sweet, loving messages like he did again? But you still have to take a deep breath and click Delete. Rereading or listening to them could take you back to when everything was blissful between the two of you, causing you to idealize the relationship and go into fantasy and longing for him. Or it could dredge up, over and over and over again, what you’ve lost. Either way, it’s going to keep you stuck, in pain, and closed off to meeting someone new. If deleting seems impossible, ask a friend to sit with you while you do it to provide support, and reward yourself by doing something fun after the deed is done. 
5. Take some time off dating.  Being dumped, especially unexpectedly, is painful, and you can avoid feeling that pain by starting to date again right away. Lots of people say it—you can’t get over the last one until you meet the next one. But when you’re dating from this place of needing to get over someone else, there’s a desperation underneath everything you do. First of all, guys can sense this, but more importantly, it puts you at risk for being even more hurt. If you haven’t dealt with the underlying pain of your last relationship, every single slight from a new guy is going to feel disproportionately agonizing. Someone you just met online doesn’t ask you on a second date? Heartbreaking! A blind date stands you up? Devastating! Better to take some time off to nurse your wounds before heading back out there. And don’t just sit in your room with the shades drawn feeling sorry for yourself during this dating hiatus. Use it as a time to get back in touch with your life and the things you love to do. Go to concerts, enroll in a class, take up yoga, read that book you’ve been meaning to for the past year. Nurturing your relationship with yourself will build up the resilience you’ll need to dive back into the dating the pool from a place of confidence and hope instead of desperation and dread.

Yup, go click on the link if you wna know more. I personally feel that whatever the author wrote really tug at my heartstrings. Maybe because I went thru the whole brutal process of a breakup, I can totally relate to these. Go read it if you're free, and make sure you don't do what it says not to! ;) I'm really sorry if you're currently going thru a breakup right now but I can assure you that this phase will pass. I don't know how long it will take because this depends on your willpower (how much you want to get over it) as well as your surroundings! But always always remember to be around happy people and be happy cause "Being happy is the best revenge" :) Hope this helps! ^^

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sister's birthday 2012 #1

Sister celebrated her birthday yesterday and today, at both our uncle and grandma's house! Hahahaha, lucky girl. Hello sister~~~ 17 years old alr, pls be more clean and tidy (if you wna borrow my clothes, lol) and of course, stay pretty forever. Don't ever be affected by your shape/size of your body because like I have always said, you have what it takes to be a model~ And everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I love you and don't ever let the society's standards take over you. Be more confident because confidence is one of the most attractive points! <3 Anyhow, i'm just gna post the pictures taken yesterday! :)

Cousins~~~ Thankful for these great people in my life.

Mummy, Daddy, Sister <3


Silly girl cried when cousins gave her the balloons because she claimed that "No one gave me balloons for my birthday before T.T" HAHAHAHA. Okay can, that was cute. Shall make it a point to give her every birthday then haha!

I'm really grateful that I have such an understanding sister. I know it's really hard to get along with me sometimes because i tend to be rather demanding and stuff, but know that deep down (no matter what you do/how annoying you get) i'll still love you forever and ever <3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It has been one month and five days since i last posted a post! Have either been busy working or schooling AND/OR busy nua-ing at home (what i do best) hehe. So much have happened since the last time i penned my thoughts down - good and bad. Bad first - my results suck to the maximum, seriously....... I think i scored the worst among my classmates :'( Oh well, what to do. Cldn't seem to get those negative thoughts outta my mind for a while, but i figured they're probably putting in x2 efforts compared to me. Not that i don't put any effort into my assignments, i do. But i just can't seem to find my interest anywhere, at least not enough to make me want to work harder. Sigh, i am thinking of this after i'm one year into the freaking course.... great. And also, i've recently been getting vvv jealous over everything and anything.... Like for real. Need to keep my emotions in check.

The good news is.... I think i might have officially gotten over the heartbreak (or maybe i'm left with less than 10% to get over). If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd know about the devastating news that happened last year. The worst thing that cld have happen to any girl, happened to me. Up to date, wtv happened was really really bad. I woke up crying and i went to sleep crying. It went on for 1-2 weeks before i cld sleep without crying (and that was because i ran out of tears). But the heartache didn't stop after the 1-2 weeks. It went on for months.... many many many months. Until recently. And that's about 10 months, time flies. There is no doubt my heart will still ache if i see him again, but until then I don't think I'll feel anything. I still miss him and i think about him a lot too, but i think that's all that is left.

Okieeeeeee, sad things aside! I'm gna post some random pictures up just to fill up this space! Hehe.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Currently watching this taiwanese drama hehe and i'm only at episode 4! Life is really good during the holidays, except for a day where i really cldn't control my emotions and I actually cried at work :'( But oh well, i'm gna be stronger after all these. I will be. Heading out for dinner with uni clique later, and before that i shall run some errands :) Yup, life will be good.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagram #7

Gna just upload a few instagram pictures cause i gotta rush another 2 more 2000-word essays and study for a test, ALL DUE THIS WEEK :( Helpz. Anyway, i know i don't update much anymore, and when holidays is here, i'll most probably gna work alot too cause i wna save up for BKK trip with yiwen!!!!! <3 hehe. Here it goes, random order! :) (And they're mostly from birthday parties) hahahaha. Will blog about them in detail if i can find the time! ^^

Hahahahahahahaha cannot stop laughing at how i looked like when i was in primary school LOL.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In an attempt to save my dying blog (or dead) hahahaha, here's a few pictures of me + a pair of floral sungalsses that i'd gotten awhile ago! Wahahahahahha.